About Us

In 1989 Terry and his wife Toula Chriss, purchased a MFC Supermarket located on Eastern Road, Turramurra. Between them, they operated the store 7 days a week with the only helping hand being a shelf packer during the week and their children on the weekends and after school.

A year later (1990) Terry refurbished the store replacing shelf racking, Refrigeration, flooring, lighting and new point of sale registers.

After 9 years (1998) of trading Terry and Toula had the opportunity to purchase the hardware store located directly next door, which enabled them to expand the supermarket. During the process of expansion, Nick Chriss a son of Terry and Toula, decided to leave his Architectural drafting career, to join the business and assist in the development of the new store.

After completion of works (1999) the store’s trading name was then converted to “IGA Eastern Road” In 2001 Andrew Chriss, being the 2nd son, changed his real estate career path, to join the family business.

Through the successful development of the Eastern Rd store, the Chriss family decided to purchase a 5 Star supermarket located in Galston (2003). Nick and Terry took the opportunity over in Galston and decided to refurbish  the entire store, whilst Andrew managed the store in Eastern Rd. The community of Galston welcomed the change, and the store was a success. David Alikozay was the store shelf packer at the time of the 5 Star supermarket, who later joined the Chriss Family to be part of the team which developed the store.

Through the hard work ethic of the Chriss family, the Chriss family business’s had grown from strength to strength. Hence, the Chriss family community support had grown too, supporting local schools and sporting clubs.

In 2004 Andrew purchased a commercial property located at Nth Turramurra on Bobbin Head Rd. Andrew’s intention was to redevelop the entire site offering an IGA supermarket.

Whilst, Bobbin Head Rd’s building application was still awaiting approval with council, Andrew decided to refurbish IGA Turramurra once again replacing  shelving, floor and point of sale registers.  The renovation enabled the store to offer a wider range of groceries to the community.

In 2007, after 3 years of lobbying, we finally received approval from council for the development of IGA Bobbin Head. Many thanks goes to the community of Nth Turramurra who offered their complete support for the store.

Terry and Andrew took it upon themselves to construct and project manage the development of IGA Bobbin Head, which involved an underground basement car park, floor level retail, and office suites on 1st floor level. During the construction of IGA Bobbin Head (2008), the Chriss Family purchased a Liquorland store and license located in Belrose, where they later converted the entire store to an IGA Belrose Liquor.  Nick Chriss decided to tackle the new store in Belrose, therefore creating an opportunity for David Alikozay to manage the Galston store.  David welcomed the idea and has since managed IGA Galston successfully.

A new member of the family Bill Bouts, who married Peggy Chriss the daughter of Terry And Toula, decided to join the Chriss family business in (2008). Bill commenced working at IGA Galston, assisting David.

In 2009, IGA Bobbin Head was opened to the delight of both the Chriss family and the community of Nth Turramurra. Gerry Duddy, who had extensive knowledge in Supermarket retail (30 years) joined the Chriss family managing IGA Bobbin Head.

All family members of the Chriss Family are involved with the family business.